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Whatever your preference or requirements, you’ll find a style of quality accommodation to suit you. We can cater for families and groups of any size, but require a confirmed booking for parties of 10 or more.

Enquire about our special group packages & rates available.

The hostel is fully wheelchair accessible.

Maison Majorique (65 beds)

- 3 Private rooms with bathroom.
- 2 Family rooms.
- Small dorm’s of 4 beds.
- Mixed dorm’s of 6-10 beds.
* Low season: 7th night free!

Forest Campground

- 40 sites (access to hostel facilities).
- Large ‘prospector tent’ (2x6 persons).

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Reservations are accepted via phone, fax or e-mail... our contact details are at the bottom of the Reception page.

We accept CAN$, US$, FF, Travelers Cheques, Visa and Master Cards.

Meals / Kitchen

If you would like to prepare your own food, there are 3 grocery stores in Tadoussac and you are free to access our kitchen facilities. However if you’d like to enjoy yourself and let us do the work, we offer high quality affordable meals all year-round...


Self-service ‘all you can eat’ offered daily.


2-3 course meal available on request.


3 course meal (soup, main, dessert, coffee) served every evening. Each weekend our chef prepares a traditional Québec supper!

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party.jpg (20968 bytes) Facilities

To help you feel comfortable and maximise enjoyment of your stay, Maison Majorique provides a number of facilities...

- Internet access
- Laundry
- Hot showers
- Bedding rental
- Lockers & Bike storage
- Pool table & Games
- Musical Instruments
- Library & Tourist Info

Tadoussac Points of Interest

Site of the first European trading post on the North American continent, Tadoussac is set amongst some of the most beautiful and wild country in Canada and has won the hearts of many thousands from all over the world.

Most of the tourist sites are located within short walking distance of the Hostel (Maison Majorique)...

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Chapelle des Indiens

Visit Canada’s oldest wood chapel, founded by Jesuit missionaries.

Maison Chauvin

An accurate reconstruction of the first fur trading post in North America.

Musée maritime

Models covering the nautical history of the St.Lawrence.

Station Piscicole

Tour this historical fish breeding station & learn all about salmon.

Grand Hotel Tadoussac

Famous old wood building & set of the movie ‘Hotel New Hampshire’.

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