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Approaching Tadoussac from Québec City you’ll cross the magnificent Saguenay Fjord by ferry. Carved by a glacier, then flooded by the sea around 10000 years ago, it reaches depths of up to 300 metres!

The shores are a rocky landscape of steep cliffs, coves and tree-lined peaks.

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The fjord is a veritable haven for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Many activities such as kayaking, boat cruises and guided hikes can be organised at the hostel.

Parc du Saguenay

Almost 300 square kilometres surrounding the fjord is protected by the Saguenay Park. This large provincial park contains a diverse range natural beauty and ecosystems. Recreation facilities such as campsites are provided along some trails and interpretation services are available at various sites throughout summer.

Following are some locations and hikes in the Tadoussac area.

Maison des Dunes

Tadoussac’s park office and interpretation centre accessible to vehicles. Here you can explore and learn about the sand dunes at the confluence of the Saguenay & St.Lawrence rivers.

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Sentier du Fjord

Medium difficulty hike of 17km (currently being extended). Boreal forest, bird-life, waterfalls, beaver dams and breathtaking views over the fjord make a superb wilderness experience.

Sentier de la Plage

Enjoy the solitude of a 6km hike on the beaches and points along the St.Lawrence... from Tadoussac Bay to the sand dunes interpretation centre.

Sentier de la Pointe

800 metre circuit around the rocky point at the mouth of the Saguenay. Often a good location for spotting whales from the shore.

Colline d’Anse à la barque

2.5km hike to the top of a hill overlooking the fjord. Shares part of the Sentier du Fjord trail.

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Sentier de la Coupe

An easy circuit of 1.3km with steps and board-walks by the Fjord mouth. Some of the best views over Tadoussac and the bay are from here.

Baie Ste-Marguerite

Picturesque 3.5km walk bordering the end of a salmon river. Beluga (White) Whales often gather in this bay and a high board-walk has been constructed for observation.

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