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The Tadoussac and Saguenay Fjord region is where the St.Lawrence River begins to meet the sea... we call this the maritime estuary.

Depth and water temperature variations combined with the action of tides have fostered a rich mosaic of ecosystems. A wide variety of marine life abounds, from single-cell plankton to the largest marine mammals.

Whales of different species come here to feed, and can be observed often quite close to the shore in and around Tadoussac.

The main species which visit the area include Fin, Minke, Humpback & Beluga Whales. The Beluga (pictured) actually live in the St.Lawrence year-round and are one of the world's rarest cetaceans.

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Whale Watching Excursions

Several operators offer 2 to 3 hour whale watching cruises on the St.Lawrence daily throughout Summer & Autumn from the Tadoussac marina. 

Small Zodiac craft provide excitement and an unforgettable experience for the more adventurous tourist... and larger boats also run for those who would like a view from higher up. These operators work together regularly to locate the areas where cetaceans are moving & feeding. 

Reservations for zodiac whale watching excursions can be made at the hostel. 

Interpretation Centre for Marine Mammals (CIMM)

Tadoussac's CIMM centre exposes the secret world of whales with an extensive series of interactive exhibits, models and pictures.

See how your breathing compares with that of a whale and listen to the underwater world of the Saguenay. Your visit to the centre includes a superb film and guided interpretation with bilingual naturalists. 

Here you'll find out how little you knew about Cetaceans... a worthwhile complement to any whale-watching excursion. 

You'll find the centre right near the marina.

Ph: 418-235-4701 (Fax: 418-235-4325) E-mail: info@gremm.org

CIMM is operated by the non-profit Marine Mammal Research & Education Group (GREMM)

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Saguenay - St.Lawrence Marine Park

The first federal marine park in Quebec was formed to protect and promote the marine ecology of the Saguenay & St.Lawrence. While the park is officially a maritime zone, some observation and interpretation centres can be visited on-shore. From these locations whales and seals can often be observed.

Naturalist guides are available for information & interpretation at the following Marine Park centres...

Cap de Bon Désir

Excellent site to watch whales from the shore.

Pointe Noire

Natural headland with a breathtaking view at the entrance to Saguenay Fjord.

Rivière Éternité

Uncover the mysteries of the fjord's glacial origin.

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